Tucson Area Home Sellers Tips

Tucson Area Home Sellers sometimes make mistakes when putting their house on the market. Here are some valuable home sellers tips.

Pricing your home too low – Make sure that no money is left on the table. I will make sure all of your home’s features and benefits are emphasized in my online marketing campaign for Tucson Area Home Sellers.

Pricing your home too high – Determine comparable sales and listing competition, including the amount your home may appraise for. You want top dollar, and you want all the buyers to see your home.  As a top agent, I know how to walk that fine line to help you get top dollar without overpricing.

Availability – There are many ways to show a home. Appointment only is the most restrictive; Lock boxes are the least restrictive.  I will help you determine which is best for your lifestyle, so your home is available to be shown when that buyer is ready.

Staging – Can you put items in storage? Create more light or music?  I can help you with ideas, refer a handyman or a housekeeper. I have the experience and ‘know how’ to make your property a better value.

Choosing the right REALTOR® – If your home didn’t sell last time, make sure and get it right this time with someone who knows the market and how to create a customized marketing plan to bring top dollar.

Believing that selling property is Seasonal – Do not base selling decisions on the seasons. Phoenix area home sellers know that real estate property is always selling here.  In fact, in the traditional “off times” there is less inventory, and, therefore, more activity on individual properties as a result.  Some of my biggest months for Real Estate sales and seller success in the Phoenix AZ area have been May, June and July, in the heat of our Arizona summer months.

Not using current Marketing Technology – I make sure your home ranks highly on the Internet with personal Web sites, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Technology, and the latest in buyer communications. Check out my web site and resources here www.buyandselltucsonrealestate.com

Market Updates – Market Conditions, your circumstances, and your property require intuitive changes on a regular basis. That is why I update my Tucson Area Home Sellers regularly with area Comparative Listings.

Ignoring feedback from the Buyer – Sales are often hampered by unkempt landscaping, cluttered closets, unpainted front doors, hard‑to‑work locks, dead light bulbs, bad colors, stains, unlit areas, and unusual smells. Spend time on the little things; double up on your gardener, keep things cleaner than usual and “cage” the pets or take them for a walk during showings.  Understanding you still have a life, I will give you a simple list of small items to consider.

Pre-Qualifying Buyers – One of the best reasons to hire a real estate professional is they have the ability to pre‑qualify a prospect. More importantly, they have the tools to discover if a prospect’s motivation to see your home may be other than purchasing a house. I use a team approach with a local Mortgage Lender who I will have Pre-Qualify every home Buyer that I show your house to.