New Constructions

New Construction Homes for Sale

Imagine the life you will create in your new home… We have an incredible selection of adorable Tucson homes for sale from fantastic home builders to browse through, but today I’d like to talk to you about new home constructions.

I’ve been a Realtor in Tucson Arizona for over 16 years, with new build homes being one of my specialties. It’s important to have an experienced real estate agent by your side at new housing developments because the on-site agents represent the builder and are dedicated to getting the best deal for their employer. You need an experienced Realtor to negotiate the best price and keep the project on track. Call me at (520) 909-7653 or visit my website at Let’s start building!

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Why Buy A New Construction Home?

When buying new homes, you’ll be the first ones to walk on the carpet and, even better, you get to pick out the color of the carpet, how much padding there is, fixtures, granite, you have all those choices when you’re purchasing.

Photo of Lucy Barraza at New Construction site in Framed House

Visit New Housing Developments with Lucy Barraza, REALTOR

How Do You Get Started?

The first step you need to take is to determine which part of Tucson you’d like to live. This will most likely depend on where you work, but Tucson has many wonderful new home developments that I’d love to share with you. Whether you want to be central, northwest, north, south, east, in Oro Valley; it doesn’t matter, I’ll show you charming neighborhoods throughout Tucson..

Once you’ve decided what location that you want to be in, then you want to find the subdivision or the homebuilder that’s going to work best for you. That’s going to be based on the floor plan and other factors, obviously price would be one of them.

Prices are usually base price without a lot of upgrades, so it’s very important to not get too carried away in the design centers. It can sometime be like a child going into a candy store, you’re going to want it all cause it’s all beautiful and shiny and fabulous. However, there is still the price to pay for it in the end. All of that will be wrapped up into your loan, however, you want to consider how large a mortgage payment you’re going to be comfortable with.

Lucy Barraza, Tucson REALTOR in front of unfinished new construction home

Visit Fantastic New Home Builders and Developement Sites with Lucy Barraza

When Should You Start Shopping For Your New Construction Home for Sale?

Depending on how new the subdivision is, it could take anywhere from three to six months, and that’s going to be based on does they have the proper permits, do they have the public reports in, is it a brand-new construction site where it’s going to take a little bit longer, they’re just up and running. That’s going to be a difference in your time frame, which you’ll want to consider if you’re renting a house or need to get out of your current home more quickly.

Why Do You Need Realtor Representation?

The agents in the new home sales offices on the construction sites actually work for the builder, so they’re working for the builders best interests. You want to have your own representation, which is obviously working for your best interests. Additionally, it doesn’t cost you anything to have representation, the new home subdivision that you’re purchasing in, that builder is paying the fee for your real estate agent. It does not cost you anything to be
represented by an experience real estate agent who has your back.

Let’s Start Building!

Buying new construction homes for sale may seem overwhelming, but with a Realtor who’s done it before and understands the industry, it can be a very smooth process. Let me represent you as we create the home of your dreams. I’m Lucy Barraza with Tierra Antigua Realty, here in beautiful Tucson, Arizona. Call me at (520) 909-7653 or visit me at my website

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