Horses Horse Property Tucson When I was 10 years old my mother asked me if wanted to move to Tucson Arizona. “Tucson what”? “Where is that”?…and then question after question after question. My mother said “I’ll buy you a horse”. “When do we move?”  Was my last question.

Tucson is a great place to own a horse or horses, as you know you can never have too many!  You can own horse property on as little as an acre and keep your horse at home or board at the many facilities around town.  Depending on what you are looking for you can be at your stable in 5-30 minutes.

Some stables specialize in Western or English or you can find one with a nice mix.  My daughter just started jumping so we moved to a barn that is the same distance from our home as our previous barn.  This is my daughter Ali with her horse Sobiwon Kenobi (pictured right).Horses Tucson Arizona Tucson jumping horse 4-H Horse Project riding lessons and horse training

The big difference is what the facility has to offer.  At Adamcin’s we have access to a full jump course.  It stays up all the time so the trainers don’t have to set up a course for every lesson.  Adamcin’s also has a trail course, 2 round pens, dressage arena, 2 large arenas and many trails off property to wander around on. Her trainer is Cathy Schreiber who is amazing with kids.

My daughter is in 4-H and I am a Leader with the 4-H horse project. Adamcin’s has a good size club and alot of active parents.  Finding the right barn is important.  If you have any questions on barn suggestions please use the form below.

Look at them now!  Ali is now 16 and has been working with Sobi on his jumping skills with her Trainer Scott Scheyli of Scott Scheyli Performance Horses.  Ali is at Ironwood Ranch barn where Scott trains.  We love it there.  Lots of kids, instruction and a wonderful facility.  Ali is the Vice President of the Silver Spurs 4-H club now and I am the club leader.

I’m so proud of her and Sobi, they have worked hard and will do well this year in 4-H where she will be jumping at the intermediate level!  They’ve come a long way from their first lesson (see above video)

Horse show Pima County 4-H Tucson Arizona Horses Jumping Riding funThis photo is from a Pima County 4-H Horse show at Brandi Fenton Park.  Things get crazy on show day preparing your horse, your outfit, hair and makeup.  Parents all lend a hand and its a fun day.

The day starts early, usually around 6am loading horses and getting to the show site.  Then it’s off to the races getting everything ready.  “Mom wheres my helmet”  “Mom did you see Sobi’s bridal” “Scott can you do my hair” (he’s really good at it and if you do it and it’s not right he’ll take it apart anyway!)  Lol, we have alot of fun with great families and Trainers.