Step 5 – Writing The Home Offer

Step 5 – Writing The Offer

Home Buying Process with Lucy Barraza

Now it’s Step 5, where things get a little serious! 🙂 By now, I’ve overloaded you with great Tucson homes for sale and we’ve even toured a bunch of the ones that you really liked.  During those tours, one of the homes really captured your attention, and in this step we’ll write the offer on your prospective new home!

Real estate in every state is a little different, but here in Arizona we’ve got a consumer-friendly 9-page contract for purchasing residential real estate.  Don’t worry a bit about the contract, I’m gonna walk you through everything!  A well written and thorough offer is critical to enjoying the rest of your home buying experience. We’re gonna make strategic decisions to maximize your equity in the deal by playing with a bunch of different variables until we find the best combination for you!  We  even have a Sample Residential Purchase Contract for you to review before we fill it out!

We’re gonna be talking about the closing day.  This is the final step in the transaction where the deed of title, insurance policies, and any relevant documents are exchanged for the purchase price of the house. A few of these closing documents, including the deed and mortgage, are then sent to the county recorder to be officially recorded.  We want to choose a closing day that works with your personal schedule and provides us with enough time to get our home inspections and other tasks completed.

We are also gonna spend a little time discussing who your home inspector will be.  Allow me to recommend Matt Leahy for your home inspection as he is fast, accurate, and (most importantly) reliable.  In addition to the home inspector, we also have to look at termite and pool inspectors, oh my! 🙂  I’ve worked with some great inspectors, and some I’d rather not write about, but I’ve never had a better experience than with Budget Pest Control and Pools By Design.  We also might have to take a look at the roof, which means a call to Hallmark Roofing.  I recommend them to all of my friends and clients and I’ve always been happy with their work.

Check below for my entire walk-through of the Tucson Home Buying Process! I’m Lucy Barraza with Lucy Barraza & Associates, and I’m honored to have earned your business.

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  2. Understanding Home Loans with Glen Smart of Nova Home Loans
  3. Setting Up Your MLS Search
  4. Touring Homes
  5. Writing The Home Offer
  6. Home Inspections
  7. Reviewing The Home Inspection Report
  8. Ordering Your Home Appraisal
  9. Working With Your Home Loan Officer
  10. Signing The Closing Documents
  11. Thank You For A Great Experience
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