Step 2 – Understanding Home Loans with Glen Smart

Step 2 – Understanding Home Loans with Glen Smart

Home Buying Process with Lucy Barraza

In Step 2 of the Home Buying Process, we’re going to discuss finding a lender and home mortgages. I feel it’s very important that you go local and work with a lender that understands the Tucson Real Estate market and buying homes in Tucson.

My clients absolutely love Glen Smart with the Smart Team at Nova Home Loans. He is a dedicated and experienced home loan officer who works with clients closely to make sure they get the right loan to meet their short and long-tem needs.

I think it’s important for you and your lender to have a conversation to understand what you are looking to do with your home purchase. Mortgages are not one size fit all; they don’t have to be that way and Glen helps people individually to meet their goals.

That’s why my clients love Glen, he’s gonna put that entire package together for you and everyone is going to end up very happy.

Welcome to the Home Buying Process

  1. Choosing Your Realtor
  2. Understanding Home Loans with Glen Smart of Nova Home Loans
  3. Setting Up Your MLS Search
  4. Touring Homes
  5. Writing The Home Offer
  6. Home Inspections
  7. Reviewing The Home Inspection Report
  8. Ordering Your Home Appraisal
  9. Working With Your Home Loan Officer
  10. Signing Real Estate Closing Documents
  11. Thank You For A Great Experience
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