Step 10 – Signing The Real Estate Closing Documents

Step 10 – Signing The Real Estate Closing Documents

Home Buying Process with Lucy Barraza

We made it!  I know the entire process can be long and it gets a little confusing, but through our hard work and diligence, we have made it to the finish line! We are now at the step of closing on your home, completing all required documentation, and getting the keys to your new home!

Firstly, lets meet over at the house to make sure it’s in the same condition as when we purchased it.  I will then lead you over to our title company, where we will finish the paperwork.  Because we have to go over all the closing documents and make sure that you understand everything you are signing, this could take up to a few hours.  Please make sure you have enough time as once we start this process, we’re not gonna want to stop.

I’ve included a few of the documents we’re gonna be looking at, so you can prepare yourself for the deluge of black ink! 🙂 Review them with the buttons below!

After taking a look at some of our closing docs, you might be wondering about all the terms and jargon they throw out to confuse you.  Well, that’s why you hired me in the first place! 🙂  I’ll be walking you through everything, but here is a little primer so we can be on the same page:

[tabby title=”Deed”]

Transfers ownership of real estate. The deed contains the names of the buyer and seller and a legal description of the property. You’ll probably be getting a “warranty deed”, guaranteeing that the seller has the right to sell and that the property is free of liens.
[tabby title=”Mortgage”]

A mortgage represents the lien on your property as security for your payment of the debt. You will also sign a separate promissory note to certify that you personally guarantee to repay the loan.

[tabby title=”Closing Statement”]

Details any adjustments made to the purchase price, down payment, taxes, rents, deposits, or other figures.

[tabby title=”Judgment Affidavit”]

This certifies that neither the buyer nor the seller have judgement, warrants, or bankruptcies in process against them.

[tabby title=”Amortization Schedule”]

Details the monthly payment, interest, and mortgage balance going forward.

[tabby title=”Search”]

This title can be misleading. The “Search” is the array of documentation that pertains to the property, including deeds, easments, mortgages, leases, bankruptcies, liens, and estate proceedings. These are arranged in chronological order for ease in following the document path.

[tabby title=”Survey”]

Measurements supplied by a licensed surveyor or inspector showing the boundaries of the property and any features located on it.

[tabby title=”Title Insurance”]

A mortgage policy that protects the bank from defaulting on the loan obligation.


Now that you’re up to par on the nerd-speak, lets continue with our process!

After you paperwork is signed and completed, it’s up to your lender to cut the check. Once that check it sent, I am able to hand over the keys to your new home!

Wow, what an experience! Enjoy your amazing new Tucson Home and expect to hear back from me regularly so we can keep tabs on how your home is treating you. I’ll also be waiting around my phone for an invite to your house warming party, so don’t leave me hanging too long 🙂 I really love Tucson Real Estate, and I hope that this experience has been simple (relatively) and straight-forward. However, if you ever have any questions or just want to grab a cup of coffee, give me a call! I have one last video left before you have completed the entire Tucson Home Buying Process with Lucy Barraza, stay tuned!

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