How To Find a Horse Property For Sale in Tucson Arizona

How To Buy and Sell Horse Real Estate in Tucson Arizona
How To Buy and Sell Horse Real Estate in Tucson Arizona

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Buy and Sell Horse Properties in Tucson Arizona with Lucy BarrazaI know we are talking about buying a horse property here in Tucson, Arizona, but first, a little background;  As a native of Syracuse, New York, the western lifestyle only existed in movies I’d watch with my parents.  One fateful day, those movies became my reality when they informed me that we were taking our little family to Tucson, Arizona.

I didn’t really know what to think, buy my parents knew they had me when they have offered to buy me a horse. Pretty good marketing to a 10 year old 😉 I said yes, of course, and we proceeded to move to Tucson. I rode in several riding school here in Tucson, and then eventually owned my own horse. During that time, I rodeWestern and English with one of my big passions being competitive horse jumping. More recently, I’ve done a lot with 4-H locally here in Tucson, bringing up the next generation of horseback riders.

With that out of the way, we can get to why you came here, Horse Properties in Tucson!  Here are a few Newly Listed (Recent) Horse Properties for Sale to get your started:

Thanks for continuing, I know those properties can be tempting 😉 Let’s talk about buying property in Tucson, Arizona which involves horses. There are a lot of beautiful areas to ride here, by the way, and a lot of great areas just to ride off of your own horse property out into the great outdoors. Things to consider include the following:

  • Do you need a dressage arena?
  • Do you need a hunter jumper facility?
  • Are you running barrels?
  • Are you running pulls?
  • Are You Trail riding?

There are so many disciplines that each require many different horse facilities that will be needed for whatever it is that you’re interested in doing. I have lots of experience with Horse Properties and I’d love to share the great outdoors and all the great facilities here in Tucson with you. Give me a call today at (520) 909-7653.  Again, I’m Lucy Barraza with Tierra Antigua Realty, now here are some more great homes to browse!

Tucson Horse Properties for Sale

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