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Visit Fantastic New Home Builders and Developement Sites with Lucy Barraza

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A new build home is the blank canvas you’ve always wanted, upon which you can paint with the vibrant hues of your life. In this 360 video, we have a new construction home in the framing stage. When you buy a new construction, we’ll be coming out after work regularly to the new housing development to check out what’s been happening on your site.

Please wait until the home builders have left as it’s important to not interfere with the skilled labor that’s here. Come out after work and all the home builders have left and make sure you have a hard hat on, that’s important as well, this is an active site and tiles could be slipping from the roof.

This is a framed new build home, we will be coming in and checking out where all the window frames are, doors, what have you. We can see the skeleton of your dream home, where your 2X4’s and 4X4’s are placed, and maybe begin finding out where you’re going to be hanging that big screen TV.

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